Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let there be...... light shine

Many of the christian blogs that I read suggest that one should pick a word for the New Year. I know that it is already half way thru February and I have tried and failed to find a word that would best describe me or my dreams, desires, wants or needs for this new year. I've been trying so hard to focus on a God centered word (whatever that is) and I figured it would be easy and that I would know it when I heard it. For 2 and a half months I've been looking for a word that would help me on my journey through this season of my life. A word that could help me focus through my prayer time. A "go to" word that I could use whenever life got rough. A word that I could see or envision, or hold on to like a talisman. And I didn't want it to be a silly cliche hope or joy or courage. Until I heard this song. And I knew that I could put off my choice no longer. I knew in the back of my brain that I'd seen these words multiple times in the past few weeks. I've seen either one or both of them referred to on other blogs, I'd heard them in songs, I've seen them both on a daily basis in print form on my calender above my laptop. I'd even heard them whispered to me from God himself.  I'd felt prompted to look for light somewhere like in the colors of sunrise at dawn or in a candles flame or the shine on the wet pavement or the warm light of sunshine on my face. I'd heard it, seen it and felt it but still I had refused to acknowledge where this prompt was coming from. Today I strongly feel that I am being nudged to make these my words for the new year. So here they are in all their symbolic words for 2013.....LIGHT SHINE. Light in all of it's forms. Sun light, candle light, God's light. Any type of light at all. Shine. The way a face can shine, eyes that shine, a Sun that shines. Anything that can and will and does illuminate the life that surrounds me, and makes me see the presence of God's light in my life.
GOD, your light floods my path....2 Samuel 22:29 MSG

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