Sunday, August 9, 2015


It seems to be a bit of a thing here lately...
at least with some of the blogs that I read,
To give the audience (You guys) a chance to ask the blogger (Me) questions.
It scares me a bit.
What could the 4 of you possible want to know about me?
Or what if the 4 of you don't even have any questions that you want to ask me?
How horrible would that be?
So I guess I'll take a leap of faith here and just ask-
Do you have a question for me?
Anything you're wondering about me but afraid to ask?
Any burning desire to know what makes me tick?
Something that really isn't any of your business but you're curious?
Cuz now is the time to ask.

Summer is quickly coming to a close here.
My gardens are starting to wilt no matter how much I water them.
The grass is turning brown..lots of heat and no rain.
Some of the neighborhood trees have leaves that are starting to change!
School starts for my perfect and tiny 5 year old grandson in 12 days.
When did THAT happen? Holy Cow! He's in Kindergarten!!

Him and I are getting along and liking each other.
Hills and Valleys with us...always.

I got a new IPhone with a shitload of more space.
So I joined Instagram and am loving it.
Want to follow me?
Let me know and I'll give you my Instagram name.
It's my real name in case you are wondering.
But I feel like I can trust you ladies.

That's it for now.
Looking forward to your questions...(I think)
Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Love, Lolly


  1. I am nosy so I always have questions about people and their life...
    How did you meet your husband? How long have you been married? Who is/was the most influential family member for you when you were young?

  2. Dear Birdie, We met when I was 19 and he was 18. We were at an outdoor party with a very loud band that was being shut down by the cops. My car was blocked in by a patrol car so I couldn't leave. He lived near by..he could have walked home but decided to stay. He saw me sitting on the hood of my car by myself waiting to leave and walked over to introduce himself. We've been married for 32 years. When I was very young it was my mother. I followed her everywhere even to the bathroom. I was teased horribly by my siblings my whole life...I suppose I felt some measure of safety being next to her especially when I was younger. She never stopped them from teasing me though and I could never figure out why. I cried for most of my childhood.You could say I grew up with a broken heart. I learned to not trust other people. Then I grew up and married a drinking man who was untrustworthy for 28 years. Go figure!! But no sadness here anymore. Jesus is fixing me One Day At A Time.

  3. Lolly, as they say in Al Anon, Living with an alcoholic is too much for most of us. It sure is true. My biological father was/is an alcoholic and I had the same relationship with my mom as you did with yours. She was my safe place and my rock.

  4. Oh I have you go to Alanon? What made you want to begin to blog? How old are your grands? How many kids do you have?
    I am here reading....but not commenting as much as I have so little time most days. But I think of you and Birdie here with your particular stories and the friendship I have seen blossom between you two. It makes me smile. :o)

  5. Dear Annette, I went to Alanon for 3 years. I still practice it...still read Courage to Change every morning, still Let go and Let God, still practice and live by the 12 steps every day. I stopped going to meetings when I babysat my grandson 5 nights a week. Now I babysit my grandson who is 5 and my grandaughter who is 2 during the day. (We have another grandson who is 1 year old who lives 45 minutes away from us.) I haven't gone back to Alanon meetings mainly because I feel that my faith is stronger than the Alanon teachings although I truly do feel a connection between both of them. The meeting that I went to on Tuesday nights had dwindled down to 3 or 4 people and 1 of those people was a know it all life long member of Alanon...who hogged all the time by talking endlessly about what she had learned, and corrected or overcorrected the person who was sharing. It got to be too much. Not unlike this loooong paragraph that I am typing to you ;) I began Blogging back when I first started Alanon in 2011. I was on line searching for any information that I could find about Alanon and how to find help when I stumbled across Syd's blog. That led me to TAAAF, and eventually to you! I read all of these amazing blogs posts from you guys and you were all doing so the time, I couldn't imagine my life ever getting better. I guess I thought that maybe if I started writing my inards down maybe I would be able to "get well" myself. So far so good, eh? We have 3 grown kids-ages 31, 28, 26. Buried our baby girl Abigail back in 1986 who was stillborn.

  6. Lolly, Haven't heard anything from you in awhile. Hoping that you are doing OK. ♥♥♥