Monday, March 28, 2016

My madcap March re-cap

Remember me? It's been a busy month to say the least.
Not really fun busy, more like I CANT TAKE ONE MORE PIECE OF BAD NEWS busy.

My daughter has been prescribed Progesterone to help her keep this pregnancy. 
It's not like she is having a miscarriage; she just needs a boost of progesterone to prevent one. She feels crampy and nauseated and exhausted.

My other daughter has a complex cyst on one ovary and a simple cyst on the other.
She has extensive endometriosis and adenomyosis in her pelvic cavity and also she has an elevated CA125 blood test result.
If you are unaware what a CA125 blood test is for it is an ovarian cancer marker.
She is scheduled for a D&C and an oopherectomy (ovary removal) on Wednesday.
I.Will. Not. Freak. Out. I. Will. NOT. Worry. I. Will. Give. It. To. God. Amen.

My 6 year old grandson is recovering from a bout of Pneumonia. Pneumonia!!!
He's been sick for two weeks now along with his 3 yr old sister who developed an ear infection.
She lays like a limp rag on my couch with a high fever off and on for 8 days.
The fevers, snotty noses, and coughing, coughing, coughing, coughing of these two.'s making me a little bit crazed.

We've lost an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time. 
I may never recover. 
I am so tired.

On Good Friday me and the grandkids were driving home from my pregnant daughters house.
Half way home my grandson says "Granny, I have a bad headache."
"Ok, Bud" I tell him. "Let's stop by Momma's work on the way home."
2 minutes later he's complaining of  his headache becoming real bad.
2 minutes after that he yells out " Granny it hurts so bad right now, I can hardly stand it!"
"Ok baby", I tell him. "I can see Momma's office right down the road. We're almost there!"
He starts writhing and twisting and thrashing in his car seat..."Ooooh Granny" he wails.
"Hang on Sweetie, we're almost there ok?" And he mumbles something incoherent.
"Granny can't hear you Sweetie...What did you say?"  Incoherent groaning follows.
And then he starts puking. And puking. And puking. In my car. In his carseat. On himself.
It hits the door and the floor and it covers his coat, his blankie and his stuffed lovie.
I cannot believe he has thrown up so much. I haven't been able to get either one of them to eat more than a few crackers over the last week and a half!

I am frantic at this point. My car is quickly becoming a noxious environment. 
Both kids are crying. 
I'm scared out of my ever loving mind because this grand boy of mine has just exhibited what I believe are brain tumor symptoms. Or a brain bleed of some sort. Maybe a stroke??
I call his Momma on my cell from the parking lot and yell at her to come out and help me!
We clean him up, change his clothes, and pack every soiled thing into a large garbage bag and put him in the front seat of my car where he calmly says to both of us-
"Can we go to McDonald's, Pleeeaaase?"


"My headache is all gone. I want a Happy meal. Please Granny?"
I am stunned to say the least. Dumbstruck. What has just happened here?
What in the name of all that is holy has just happened here???

His mother and I exchange glances, shrug our shoulders and figure it can't hurt.

He is fine. Perfectly fine after all of this.
He is still coughing but has no headache. He eats every bit of that god-awful Happy Meal. The chicken, the fries, the apples.
He goes home with his Momma at the usual time and eats Pizza for dinner.
He plays with his sister and goes to bed and then wakes up the next morning feeling fine.

Meanwhile I can't get the memory of what happened out of my head. 
My husband and I scrub the carseat and the backseat and the carpet on the floor.
I call my daughter and ask her repeatedly to check on him.
"Mom!!" she says, "He is fine. Playing and acting fine."
Well all right then. Guess I need to say Thank You Jesus and move on.

This last week of March is Spring Break for my grandson. We have no plans, Thank God!
I think we all just need to recoup from sickness and worry and stress.

Already today I have yelled and threatened and hollered for them to pick up their toys and stop fighting and eat lunch and stop hitting each other!!

Today I'm grateful for the beautiful noise of these two. 
The messy, smelly, fighting, crying noise of grandchildren.

(Remind me I said this when this week is over. Is it really only Monday!?)
Gotta go! Grandkids are healthy again. And feeling just fine.
I'm grateful. So very grateful.


  1. I would have thought his headache was something serious, too! It sounded so scary. Maybe it was just low blood sugar?

  2. Wow!!! You've been through the wringer lady. I've had migraines that made me barf but usually they ebb away slowly.

    I've missed you and the goings on in the house of grandma. Keep us posted♥