Saturday, May 20, 2017

A dry spell in the wet weather

I find myself in a bit of a dry spell.
No words come. My mind is a blank.
No thoughts seem worthy enough for sharing.
It's been a month since I last posted.
And still I've got nothing new to say.

In the daily minutia that is my life, every single thing seems exactly the same.

And yet, things are different too. It's just not noteworthy.

It just keeps raining here. Every damn day it seems.
I've not yet been able to get out and work in my garden
because it's either raining or it's too wet from having just rained the day before.
I did put up rabbit fencing around my strawberry plants.
Last year a rabbit ate all the flowers off the plants and we only got 1 strawberry that had been hidden under the leaves.
I've seen that rabbit in the yard again...I'm hoping that he can't hop over my fence.

The grand kids are staying with me for a week. Their parents are at a Harry Potter type convention in New Hampshire and my husband is on his annual trip to the North Woods.
I developed a terrible ear infection and a sinus infection on the day they all left.
This morning I developed a cough.
I feel pretty horrible but the kids are behaving so well that it's not bothering me to have them underfoot.
Everybody returns home in four days.

That's it. I've got nothing else to add. I could use me a nap.
Thanks for reading,
Love, Lolly


  1. Have you tired Tea Tree Oil for your ear infection? You have to mix it with olive oil but it works great. Better and cheaper than antibiotic drops.

  2. Or warm garlic oil dropped into your ear. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Tea tree a natural anti-bacterial.....both are great at heading things off before they get too bad. Sometimes blogging goes this way huh. Just nothing new to share. In Feb. I had my 10 year anniversary of blogging. 10 years ago it was all drama and heartbreak...thank God things have calmed down and I have learned new ways to live. Sometimes its a blessing that things are so simple we have nothing to say. Lol

  3. I hope your ear healed nicely, Lolly. My daughter Sharon swears by warm olive oil with garlic in it for her littles. She's had good results and has avoided antibiotics with this old remedy. God bless your weekend, dear. xoxo