Monday, December 19, 2011

I just got bit by the Christmas spirit! All of a sudden I want my house to be clean and sparkling, and I want all of the presents bought and wrapped. I want to go shopping for the perfect Christmas dinner, I want the dining table to look festive, I want to feel merry and bright and I want it to snow. I can feel myself revving up, trying to do too much,wish for too much, just like I always do. And it makes me cranky and unhappy if "things" don't work out exactly as I would like it to. So this year, I will put on the brakes, right now, and remember the slogans.....First things first. Easy does it. How important is it. Keep it simple.
Truly, these slogans will get me through the holidays better than anything I can buy, wrap, dream up or want. And that is, for me, a true blessing in disguise. A lesson learned here.

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