Saturday, January 25, 2014

Light on my face

Haven't seen the Sun around these parts in a long time.

Temps lately have been hovering below zero...
Wind chills are -20 to -35 on any given day.
This morning as I gaze out the front window I see it....sunshine.
Bright beautiful glorious sunshine coming in through my windows
Landing on my upturned face, warming me from the inside out
Turning the light behind my closed eyelids
Red and orange just like in the summertime.

I can feel the light upon my face
And I pray to myself
Please God, don't let me ugly cry today.

But then I think, Why not?
Why not ugly cry today for such a loss?

Today is my friends Wake and Memorial service.
I think it will be very crowded at the funeral home today.
She touched so many lives with her kindness.

The light behind my eyelids keep getting brighter.
I can feel this light swelling, getting larger, hotter
My face feels warm and I am smiling
Thinking of her and the way she was

She herself was a light to so many people.

And I hope that it is her bringing this light.
I hope it is her way of saying
Hey guys!   It's me!   I made it!
Look at my light now!!!

Lyrics float across my memory from an unknown song

It's a new dawn, it's a new day.......
And I'm feeling gooood!

Me too friend, me too.
Thanks for bringing the sunshine today.
Thanks for being a light for me.

See ya when I get there.

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  1. Awwww so beautiful. Keep thinking of the wonderfulness of your friendship....and if you ugly cry because of that loss, that is ok. I think we all need to know that someone would ugly cry at the loss of us. <3