Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blessing #3

As I type this, my daughter is in labor.
This is her first.
For us, it's grandchild number three.
To say that I am excited is an understatement.
We know that it's a boy.
They haven't decided on a name yet.
I've been praying for her since 6:15 am,
right after she called to say she was
on her way to the hospital.
I know that she is afraid.
Afraid of the pain, the epidural, the unknown,
Afraid of the possible size of her baby boy,
Afraid of a possible C-section.

Watch over my daughter and grandson today.
I know that you love them more than I do.
Keep them safe, and unafraid during the birth process.
Give her your strength today Lord, 
to bear what she must in order to bring 
new life into this world.
And if it's not asking too much, Lord
maybe you could keep this Granny calm too.
Truth be told, I am as nervous as I am excited.
Be with us all today Lord.
Shelter us under your wings.
Give us your peace and strength.
Thank you for this gift of new life.

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