Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday

Dropped a glass bottle of blueberry syrup.
It crashed on the floor into a purple puddle
with shards of glass and sticky bits of fruit.
Try cleaning that up!

It ruined the fur lined moccasins that were on my feet.
Splashed itself up the calf of my left leg staining my sweats.
Cut myself on a piece of glass too small  to see cuz it was
covered in sticky purple goo.

The syrup was expired anyway so I'm not mourning the loss of it.
My moccasins were old and worn too...
it gave me a good excuse to toss them in the trash
along with half a roll of paper towels
that didn't work very well at cleaning up the mess.

One dog had bloody diarrhea this morning
on the living room floor.
(While I am typing that last sentence, a man
comes to the front door with his dog in tow, asking me
for a plastic garbage bag so he can clean up the mess
his dog left in my yard a moment ago.
He tells me that his dog has blood in her stool
and he needs to take her to the Vet.  Wow, really?????
He also asks me for a cigarette.
When I tell him that I don't smoke
he glances down at the ground, with his eyebrow raised,
at a shit load of cigarette butts littering the sidewalk.
Thanks alot, Hon. This stranger thinks I am a liar.)

Yesterday my 4 year old grandson had bathroom issues
to the tune of 7 pairs of undies that needed changing.
His 1 year old sister pee'd thru her only clean outfit
during her nap.
The first outfit got ruined when I let her feed herself spaghetti for lunch.

Which meant washing undies, sheets, baby clothes
and my hands to the point of rawness.
I used so much bleach that my finger nails are WHITE at the tips.

My daughter with the newborn grandson
doesn't want to come to Easter with the entire family
cuz she's afraid the baby will catch something.
The 4 year old and the 1 year old have Spring colds.
Since I am the babysitter of said grandchildren
guess who is also suffering from that cold??
So I sorta get it...her wanting to stay at home...I do...but still...

My sister and her entire family (10 of them)
left for a Florida vacation 6 hours ago.
I am trying to be happy for's hard.
I could use a vacation myself.

Do I sound ungrateful? Whiny? Jealous? Tired?
I'll work on that today.


  1. LOL.....Oh Lolly. Sometimes life is full of shit huh.

    1. In more ways than one! Happy Easter Annette. Enjoy the holiday with your family!