Wednesday, December 7, 2016

write what you see


I found this amazing quote-

Write what you see
Fear not;
Write what you have seen

I have no idea who wrote it but when I read it the very first time it almost knocked me over.
In my head I heard a loud resounding YES!
Yes! Write what you see! Write what you have seen!
So with that in mind, today I will write what I see.

We live on a fairly busy street so I see cars and buses and trucks driving past our house all day long.
Where are all these people going I sometimes wonder to myself.
To work? Do they hate their job? Love it? Is today their first day? Or maybe their last? Will they get that promotion they wanted? Will they get a nice Christmas bonus? Will they get fired or layed off?
To school? Did they have to scream at the kids 10 times today to brush their teeth and get their shoes on? Did they remember to pack lunch money and mittens and tissues and homework? Did they breathe a sigh of relief as they pulled away from the drop off zone, the car quiet once more?
The grocery store? Just for a couple of things...hahaha, because they always come out of the store with a lot more than they intended? Do they realize that some people are going hungry today and what a huge blessing it is that they can afford to overspend on snacks and cookies and extra meat for the freezer? Did they see the Salvation Army bell ringer out front of the store freezing his butt off in his too thin Santa suit?
Library?  What book are they hoping to check out? What book  are they returning? What book are they searching for? Cooking techniques? Flower gardens? Better relationships? How to remodel the rec room? Poetry by Luci Shaw? God?
Post Office? Mailing Christmas cards? The final car payment? An overdue light bill with the hopes that their service won't be turned off during the upcoming holidays? Picking up packages sent from Aunt Sue even though it contains the same type of ugly, scratchy sweaters every single year, and they hate them? Dropping off their own packages to be mailed to the grandkids that live in Arizona and they miss those grandkids more than words can say?
Dr. appointments? Are they sick? Are they well? Are they afraid? Are they elated?

(In case you were wondering, I am the person at the library searching for poetry by Luci Shaw. The rest of the questions and people above are hypothetical.)

We had 5 inches of snow fall on Sunday. Most of it is melting off of the roof today and it is dripping down the window, which means icicles will form later tonight.
They're predicting 4-8 inches of snow will fall this coming Saturday night.
I can see our Christmas tree lights glowing. It reminds me that I really need to get started on my Christmas shopping. We went looking for gifts last Saturday and came home sorely disappointed with nothing to show for our 4 hours of shopping.
Maybe we will have better luck shopping online through Amazon.

I can see that it has taken me 3 hours to type this much. Time to get a move on with my day.

Thanks for reading,
Love  Lolly


  1. It may have taken three hours but it's a great post. A whole world going on out the. 🌎

  2. I used to wonder if they had life figured out or if everyone was as messed up as me. Now I know that despite what things look like on the outside, we are all just mucking our way through. Luckily, some of us get a chance to take a good look and make changes for the better.