Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An appointment

Can I tell you about my Hairdresser?
The lady what cuts my hair?

Can I tell you how often she saves me from myself?

How she's honest about telling me what styles won't work for my hair.

How she has this way of talking to me
that makes me feel special
and beautiful
and worthy
all at the same time.

How she shares her life stories with me
And makes me feel like I am not alone
in this world of woman who are too skinny
who wear low rise jeans
without the muffin top some of us are sporting.

How she gets it when I say I wish "Mom jeans" would come back into style
and she doesn't say   ewww...Mom!  like my daughters do.

When she talks about certain bras giving her "back fat"
and I thought I was the only one who was worried
and embarrassed about this.

How I feel like her twin sister
cuz we are both worried
or amazed
or thinking about
the exact same things
that women in their 50's
or think about.

I always leave there shorter in my locks
and lighter in my soul.

I always feel like I can take on the world
after an appointment with her

It's an I Am Woman Hear Me Roar kind of thing.

My hair swings
My soul sings
My life has wings.

She makes me feel stronger about myself
and I love her for that.

This from Ann Voskamp-

"There are sisters who will carry you and sisters who will bend with you and pray with you and sisters who help heave the stones off.
What if we lifted a burden off a woman, what she was carrying around only because she thought the bulk of it was part of her?"

Thanks Kim...for helping me to heave off the stones.

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