Thursday, May 2, 2013


He walks into the house and says "It smells like piss in here."
(Well, Hello to you too!)
Really? I say.
(I don't smell it.)
"Oh yeah", he says. "Real bad. And it's worse in the TV room!"
(I don't smell it at all.)
We've got two Chihuahuas.
Chihuahuas with small little brains
and even smaller bladders.
I take them outside and they pee every where.
They come inside and 5 minutes later they pee again
on the floor, or the carpet or the throw blanket that is
dangling from the corner of the recliner.
I don't know who's the bigger jerk here.
Him for smelling piss and telling me about it
Or the dogs for putting the smell in here in the first place.
It's a never ending, no win situation.
I battle dog piss on a daily basis like it's my job.
Febreeze is sprayed and puppy pee pads are in place.
I see either one of them sniffing around
or starting to squat and it's out the door we go.
It's. Just. Never. Enough.
I've used Canine enzyme remover, Glade Air Freshener, candles, Baking Soda
You name it.
Nothing deters the little F-ers from soiling my house!
I mop, wipe, spray, powder and still
Still! He can smell piss in the house.
And there the dogs sit looking cute and innocent
As if to say Who? Us? We didn't do it.

First World problems...I know.
It gets harder and harder to sit here and complain about the state of my house.
The fact that I have a house should be enough for me to be grateful.

Most times, I forget how lucky I truly am
To live in America
To have not 1 car in the driveway but 3
And a boat
And a motorcycle
Furnace, Air Conditioning, Dishwasher, Clothes Washer and Dryer
TV, DVD player, Cable, Lap Tops(2)
Indoor plumbing, hot and cold running water, electricity
Full pantry, cupboards and Refrigerator/Freezer

To live in our single family dwelling
with our pissing on the hardwood floor Chihuahuas
and one cranky feline

Our grown children living close by with their spouses
Two beautiful grandchildren- a boy and a girl
30 years of marriage and we are still together

How dare I complain!

But I do.

And I'm sorry for that, Lord.

Sorry that I am so pissy all the time.

I'm blessed and I know it.

Help me to not forget this Lord.

Even whilst I mop up the piss, again.

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