Friday, April 26, 2013

Grace like rain

How is it that you can read a blog post by someone you don't know
and it has you wanting to cry and cry and cry because it is your story??
Her words opened up flood gates within me that I didn't know were blocked.
Everything she wrote resonated with me.
From the squeezing
to the letting go
from walking away from the friends that don't want you
to the healing found in quiet and stillness
from the embarassement of quitting
to the freedom of new beginnings
from feeling less than for far too long
to knowing that it is well past time to forgive yourself.
from the unclenching of my hands and jaw
to the peace I never knew I needed
from recognizing the fact that I kept holding my breath
to the realization that God wanting me alive and breathing
That others were affecting me body and soul
and the damage was slowly killing me
From keeping my eyes downcast out of sheer humiliation
to lifting my face to the healing rain of grace
from learning to speak my truth
and no longer being afraid to be me.
I want to stand in this downpour with my head thrown back
and my arms open wide
accepting all of the grace God has in store for me.
Let it rain.

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