Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Under the influence and difficult

This post is not about what you are thinking it is.
This post is about me and how I am learning to write out my story.
This post is me being under the influence of some pretty fabulous Christian women.
Christian women writers and Bloggers to be exact.
If I was a better Blogger, I would have them all listed in a side bar here on my blog.
But since I'm not sure how to do that I'm just gonna have to put them on here in a post.
I've not been blogging long. A little more than a year I think.
It's been difficult to say the least.
Difficult to find my voice.
Difficult to string more than a few words together to form a complete sentence.
Difficult to not erase everything I've just typed and just say fuck it and walk away.
Difficult to not give up on myself and this blogging thing.
Right now, these women are saving my life.
Right now, these women are telling me to keep writing my own story.
Even if no one ever reads it.

1. Addie
2. Leslie
3. Sarah
4. Emily

There are so many others but I will save them for another post.
Meanwhile, these 4 are giving me back to myself.
Their life journeys and soul stories and courage to say it anyway styles are inspiring me.

If you get the chance, pop over and read their stuff.
I laugh, I cry, I feel the same raw emotions as they do.
They are teaching me life lessons.
They speak to my soul.
I am blessed to have found them on this blogosphere.

They're saving me one story, one blog post, one revelation at a time.
And they don't even know it.

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