Friday, September 26, 2014


I love the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is talking about coincidences.
"There are no big coincidences or little coincidences....only coincidences."
Today, I beg to differ.
Because yesterday I had a big coincidence.
So big in fact, that I know God had a hand in it.

My husband and I are painting our house.
He's on one side of the house and I am on the other.
We both have our own headphones in listening to music.
While I'm busy painting trim and corners I hear someone shouting.
The words are indecipherable but I distinctly hear yelling.
Over the volume of my worship music (!) which is loud in my ears.
So I pause to take out my ear buds just to make sure it isn't him
dangling from the ladder and calling to me for help.

What I hear is a woman's voice and it's loud and she's arguing with someone.
And it's getting louder.
I look around and see nobody.
What the?!?
I can hear it...her...yelling.
So I wait and pretty soon here she comes from 3 houses down the street.
It's our town resident problems.
She looks homeless but she's not.
Carries 3 purses full of shit everywhere she walks.
Her face is as brown as a nut from walking the streets all. day. long.
And as she walks, she argues with herself or God or whoever.

Now, you know, that I have been wrestling with feeling "less than"
since my closet purging. And you know I have been wrestling with
this damn lie that I can't seem to shake loose of.
So here is what I heard this woman say to herself the minute she came into view-

"Let go and Let God! You're only hurting your heart"

Can I tell you Ladies, that it felt to me like it was God shouting that at me!!
It stunned me.
Paint brush stilled in mid air, cocoa brown paint dripping onto the knee of my jeans.
Me standing there with my jaw hanging open watching the town bag lady
in her day glow orange knit hat pulled snuggley down over her hair
on an 80 degree sunny day arguing with her demons and herself and her purses
walking past my house and I !! .....I hear a message from my God?

"Let go and Let God! You're only hurting your heart"

I took it as a message from God, because, really, the only other alternative
is that I might be losing it too. As in losing my mind.
Not really but still....
It doesn't feel like I'm losing it tho. It feels more like divine intervention.
I mean who hears stuff like this right when they need it?!
It happens to me all the time.
The right prayer or the right Bible verse appears as soon as I open the book.
I read a blog post and it is just what I needed to hear at that moment on that day.
I go to church on Sunday and it's like the pastor has been eaves dropping on my life.
The sermon or the message of the sermon fits into my life like a glove.

These are my God moments, people.
This is my proof that He's real, that He hears me and He knows me and He loves me.

This is the quote that showed up today on Ann Voskamps blog.
Coincidence?? I think not.
Untie that lie that strangles you by circling your life with Truth: Give Thanks to The Lord, His Love Endures –

Thanks Lord. For everything. I love you too.

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  1. God decided to shout at you! How awesome is that?