Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The tree is up and decorated.
the presents are bought but not wrapped.
I have grocery shopped for this week and next
We have everything we will need
to make the spirits bright.

And our beautiful boy Junie lays dying.
I am trying not to cry and failing, miserably.
I love this cat like he is one of my flesh and blood children.
I watch him all day long like a momma with a sick baby.
I can see that he isn't eating like he used to.
I can sense that he is very close to his time.
He is 13 years old.
That seems to be the magic number in this house.
Fluffy was 14, I think. Baby was 13.

Junie has been so lonely this past year without Baby.
I sometimes wonder if his heart is broken without her.
It does appear to be heart failure that he is in.

I hate being miserable and sad.
The waiting is the hardest part.

This is the season of light, love, hope and birth.
So I offer up these thoughts for our beloved Junie-

Junie, when you see the light it is okay to go towards it.
We, your people here on Earth, have loved you well and true.
We hope to see you again near that rainbow bridge when our own time comes.
Say Hi to Mojo and Fluffy and Baby when you get there.
Bump them all with your forehead, lick them with your rough pink tongue.
Jump and frolic and play like you used to.
And know that you will be missed for the rest of our days.

This house has never been empty of cats.
At one time there were 4 of you. You Junie B. June are our last.
Your leaving will leave us all with such a profound sense of loss.
I can't write anymore today...I'm too sad.

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