Thursday, December 18, 2014


the winter Sun goes in and out of our lives
bringing light and darkness
as it waxes and wanes

the Son also goes in and out of our lives
bringing with Him light and darkness
as He waxes and wanes

for me, the difference between these two
is whether i have moved into the shadows
or whether i have chosen to remain
in whatever sort or source of light there is
when the darkness tries to creeps too close

i like to think of myself as a person of light
except for when i am a person of the dark
letting fear and failure and anger rule me
which is all the time.

i fight it on a daily basis..this darkness.
i want to be light, to see light, to eat it for breakfast
instead, fear rules my heart, making me anxious,
making me question the light that i think i am seeing.

i light a candle every morning to ward off the
winter darkness that greets me as i rise.
i read devotionals to turn on the light inside of me.
i haven't read my Bible in a long time, perhaps
this is why i am feeling the darkness so keenly.

the sun has not shown itself here in more than a week.
my sister came today for Bible study and we rushed
through it as she had places to go, which didn't help at all.
Our boy Junie is hanging on...more reasons for the darkness.

i'm tired and surly and in need of a nap.
Man! i hate the winter blues
if only the sun would shine in to my windows,
if only i could find the time to let the Son shine
into my life and heart and soul.

Come Lord Jesus..infuse me with your light
take away this darkness that i see.
let the sunlight and Your light shine on me and in me.

1 comment:

  1. I think we can all be in the dark. It is in those times that we are motivated to change. If we only ever see light, how can we be aware of the dark? But I know what you feel. So often it is so overwhelming.

    Thinking about you and your furry friend. I hope he passes peacefully.