Saturday, December 6, 2014


I'm here.
I'm busy.
I'm sorry.
I miss reading and writing here.
I miss the connection with you guys.
But time gets away from me.
It's the usual shit.
Busy with the grandkids all day.
Too tired at night to do anything else
but veg out on the couch.

Holidays are quickly approaching.
Our Christmas tree is up.
Only half decorated but at least it is up.
Some gifts are bought.
Feels like a lot needs to be done yet.

I feel myself getting stressed per usual
at this time of year.
Wonder why I allow that to happen.....
I make the holiday about perfection
When it doesn't need to be.

I'm finding myself in prayer a lot.
Praying for my friend Amy, back from Mayo.
For another friend who finds hisself
suddenly jobless at the age of 55.
And for the people in this world who seem
hell bent on destroying each other.
I pray for you guys and my family members
and I pray for myself...
To stop yelling at these grandyoungins of mine!

It's supposed to be the season of peace, right?
I'm gonna start praying for peace.
World Peace.
Peace for you,
Peace for me,
Peace for us all.

1 comment:

  1. Lolly,

    First, thank you for your comment on my blog. You are one of the beautiful people. My heart swells with the fact that I have had the pleasure of meeting you via blogs.

    I am sorry for your friend. Our world loves youth. I hope he finds work that can sustain him and his family and that he can take pride in. Prayers for this coming his way.

    I was just discussing with my husband that world peace begins in our own families, our own streets and our won workplaces. It begins here.

    That said, I think it doesn't hurt those youngins to hear a person raise her voice once in a while. We spend too much time being easy on children. Sometimes a, NO!" works wonders.