Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dear Birdie

Dear Birdie,
I read one of your favorite books...The Humans and I loved it.
I loved all 97 of his life instructions to Gulliver too.
That was a really great book.

Also, last night, before he fell asleep my husband was watching
some World War II documentary on TV.
Usually I skip that sort of program but somehow I got sucked in.
Suffice it to say I slept about 3 hours last night.
I could not stop thinking about what those poor people in Europe
went thru...The Jews, the Germans and the Russians.
The military personnel and the civilians.
The Men, Woman, & children.
They showed a picture of a little Dutch child in a hospital bed
looking straight at the camera. The child looked like a boy.
He looked like he was starving and indeed he was.
Right then and there I wanted to start praying for that little guy.
Ohhh I hope he makes it was a thought that went thru my head.
Then the next thought was  oh no, he's probably dead already.

Those stupid shows don't allow any closure for me.
My brain keeps asking the question-
Wait! What happened to these people? Where are they now?
There is no possible way on this Earth to get an answer to my questions.

It makes me feel empty and sad.

I normally don't watch any type of world news, ever. Past or present.
All it does is upset me and prevent me from sleeping.
My husband has said in the past that I'm keeping my head in the sand.
I don't care if I am, I tell him.
I think the media likes to keep our minds filled with horrific things.
It hurts me in my soul to view these images. It gives me insomnia.
It makes me feel helpless and afraid.
And it takes me an extraordinarily long time to remove these images
from my brain, to stop the movie from replaying in my mind.

I remember reading on your blog that you don't like watching the news either.
And as I tossed and turned and waited for sleep (which did not come)
I thought of you and wondered if you would've been sucked in by
this TV show or if you would've walked right back out of that room.
Cuz' believe me, I am regretting my decision this morning.

Grandkids are coming in the door and this Granny is crabby and tired
from no sleep. Wish us all luck today.


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