Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm hungry

It's Monday January 11th and if feels like -18 degrees outside.
The granddaughter is napping, the grandson is at school, the husband is at work.
Dishes are done, laundry is washing, and I'm watching Everyday Italian on TV.
I wish Giada DeLaurentis would eat a fucking sandwich!
You ever notice that?? She doesn't eat what she makes!
She only ever takes a little mouthful or a little teeny, tiny taste.
Man! She must have some willpower...I'd be cramming that Lasagna in my mouth.
Right now she is rolling out her own fresh pasta...for shitssake!
Also, what's with her love for goat cheese? Have you ever had goat cheese?
Good lord but it tasted like a barnyard to me. It tasted like a goat would smell. Ugh!
She gave herself a slice of pizza smaller than my cellphone and my stomach just rumbled.
Have you ever seen a chef in real life? Most of them are a little overweight or rather a lot overweight.
That's because they EAT what they cook. Giada isn't eating the stuff she is producing on TV.

So we decided we are going to try clean eating in this house.
Clean eating is pretty much eating nothing that is processed.
I figure if I cannot pronounce it, then we cannot eat it.
But! I can pronounce Pizza and Lasagna and Meat Loaf and Chicken and Pork Chops and Potatoes and gravy, and...and... crap.
Portion control is the real enemy in this house.
It's hard to change eating habits. Really hard. But our joints hurt, he is a terribly non compliant diabetic with a high craving for carbs and also has high blood pressure.
And our 27 year old son was just diagnosed with high blood pressure too.
I'm 53. I don't have BP issues but my metabolism packed its bags and left about 4 years ago.
We all need a little help with our eating habits.
Wish me luck...this isn't going to be pretty.
First order of business is to stop watching Giada's show!! It's making me hungry.
Who am I kidding? I was hungry when I turned on the TV. I was hungry as I sat down to type this.

Ok, I'm done with this boring post. Thanks for reading! I'll keep you posted on the clean eating.


  1. I had to Google Giada DeLaurentis and that woman is way too thin. She doesn't look well. Take all that makeup off and she would look sock. Eating a sandwich would be a very good thing.

    I am getting fatter every year. I do have a weight loss group that I go to and that helps a little.

    This was not a boring post. It made me laugh!

  2. I laughed out loud. How many times I have pictured Giada puking up everything she eats after each program!!!!

    Good to have you back in the saddle :)

  3. I love America's Test Kitchen because the chefs seem like real people, and the science behind the recipes is fascinating. Not a Giada fan. :(. I thought portion control was my biggest issue too, but I really think something has happened in the last three years too... Days of eating well and moderately result in gains and sore joints. People have suggested I try eliminating dairy, sugar and/or grains, and that thought seems like climbing Everest to me. I hope things go better for you in this area of life that's become so complex!