Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Starting off the New Year

Happy New Year Readers!

It's been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. Time always flies by in my world.
My granddaughter is not yet 3 and still requires a nap most afternoons and my grandson has started all day kindergarten this past Monday so my schedule is all of a sudden a bit lighter.
Today I find myself with a bit of time on my hands and what better way to use that time than to reconnect with you guys.

Here's what's been happening-
On his first day of All Day Kindergarten my grandson had his brownie stolen out of his lunch box by the classroom bully. Great. Wonderful. Perfect.
The thing is, when he came out after school that first full day, I asked him "How was your day?" and he answered me with "Great! I loved recess the best."
When I asked him what he loved besides recess he told me "Lunch!"
And he never said a thing about that brownie being taken from him.
This makes me want to cry for him but also I was so proud that he didn't complain about it or make it the focus of his first full day at school.

My son's cat has decided that our bathroom is his favorite place in the whole wide world.
Every single day we find him curled up behind the toilet fast asleep.
He still seems kinda skittish so we are leaving him be for now. He'll get used to us eventually.
I love having a cat back in the house. He's soft and silky and he purrs so loud!!

Our assistant church Pastor left our congregation in August.  I've never been the same since.
Gosh he could deliver a sensational sermon. He's the only preacher that has ever made me cry right there in the middle of the service. Our regular pastor is a nice, and I mean a really nice guy, but he is more of to describe him....Farmers Preacher...does that make sense?
He grew up on a farm in Missouri, his dad was a pastor, so was his grandpa, and even his great grandfather. He tells a lot of farm jokes and a lot of what I like to call yuk yuk jokes. The kind of stupid, corny, slight insult to his wife and kids type of jokes that the elder population of our church seem to eat right up. I find myself trying to not roll my eyes at the guffaws I hear from the other congregants.
Anyway, imagine my surprise when Sunday December 27 rolled around and who should be the preacher for the day but our sorely missed assistant pastor.
And guess who cried at church services that day?
Geezaloo...I'm gonna have to get over his leaving, but he was so damn good at making a body understand where to find the true light of God and what to do while you are waiting and watching for that light. That man himself is a true light, an honest to goodness apostle, a real Jesus follower.

I find Jesus most days in the sunrises that I've been seeing in my neighborhood. So many beautiful colors...stunning in their intensity. I swear that they are His gift to me.

This is a short and a long post at the same time. It's more than I've posted in a while.
But alas my granddaughter is awake and needs some lunch so I must finish this up.

Hope you are all doing well so far in this new year.
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I wish more Christians were like you and described their relationship with Jesus in this way. I went to church for many years and I carry a lot of scars because of the way the Body of Christ treated each other.
    I am glad you are getting some rest! Children napping is a lovely thing!

  2. Oh Lolly I loved reading this and I just thought of you and I sitting across from each other in that little restraunt and wishing we could do it again! I'm going through some sort of a metamorphosis in my relationship with the Lord and it's so precious and so beautiful I can't even talk about it without crying! Lol thanks for sharing here....I think you would get it if we were to sit down again and you would understand my big rolly tears. : )

  3. Happy New Year Lolly. So good to catch up with the goings on. And I agree, I find my Lord in my early morning run more than any place else. Have a wonderful week💜