Monday, January 18, 2016

More faith in action

I accidentally deleted a blog post and have no idea how to get it back.
Don't even know if it's possible to find it or if I can retrieve it.
It was titled Faith in Action and was about my lack of faith when it came to trusting God
with the health and safety of my grown son.
Basically my son stayed out with friends for two days and never called or texted that he was ok,
so naturally I assumed he was dead in a ditch somewhere.
I talked about being frantic and crying and worried beyond belief.
I talked about finding perfect Bible passages to help my unbelief.
And I talked about my walk with God and how if I'm talking the talk
Then I need to walk the walk or something along those lines.

Honestly I'm more frustrated than sad about losing the blog post.
I don't even know how I did it! One minute it was there, the next minute...gone.


So I've been praying for those 12  Marines who are missing off the coast of Hawaii.

I'm a follower of Christie Purifoy, a writer and Blogger.
Her brother-in-law is among the missing. He is married and the father of four young children.
From what the news tells us 12 Marines are missing after their helicopters crashed during night maneuvers 6 or 7 days ago off the coast of Oahu.
One empty life raft was found. The news says there should be two life rafts.
So there is hope. Slim but still there is hope.

So when I reread that very first paragraph and changed the subject matter from my wayward son
to those missing Marines, it sort of gave me a jolt. Not sort of. It did give me a jolt. A big one.
Because as I sit here lamenting the loss of a blog post these 12 families are praying like crazy through all kinds of misery and fear and doubt about their missing husbands and sons and brothers and fathers. These men are really and truly missing. And the window of rescue is starting to slowly close.

Won't you please join me and countless others as we all continue to pray for these men
and their families...that their prayers would be answered, that God in all his glory would hear these prayers and answer them with the rescue and return of these 12 men.

Thanks, Love Lolly

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  1. Isn't that the truth?! There is always someone or something that put our troubles into perspective huh. I will be praying for this young husband and father. I subscribed to the blog too.