Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring... but not quite yet

Like this past October which threw a hissy fit of rain and wind as it left to make room for November,
Spring has been pitching a tantrum and fighting with Winter for control since March 20th.
Two days ago it snowed so hard that I couldn't see across the street.
A mere 5 minutes later it was clear and sunny. 5 minutes later snow again. 
It went on and off like this all day long.
That's not fog by the way. That's snow.

Today the kids go back to school after being off for Spring Break.
And it's supposed to snow again this afternoon. And tomorrow. 
And maybe again on Thursday.
Both kids have had Pneumonia this Spring.
My 6 year old grandson got diagnosed with it first, a week before Spring Break even started.
My 3 year old granddaughter got it on the last Friday of Spring Break.
Both got chest x-rays, both got antibiotics, both got worse before they got better.
I'm exhausted just from listening to them cough.
I'm also thrilled that they are now on the road to recovery. 
I am so grateful they got well. I realize some children don't.

We didn't go anywhere for Spring Break (Obviously not with 2 sick kids)
I think maybe we should have taken them to the beach though.
I think a little time spent by the ocean in that salty sea air with all that warm sun and sand might have cured them a little bit faster. I know it would have fixed me right up.

My daughters test results came back negative for Ovarian cancer. 
What she has is a Chocolate Ovary...a mass consisting of a cyst and all sorts of other nastiness all glued together with endometriosis. She definitely needs a D&C and pending the pathology of that procedure she may or may not need to have a hysterectomy. She is 32 years old.
I'm super grateful that it was not cancer. 
I have to tell you that it was scary waiting for those results. 
I tried to put it out of my mind but the what ifs would occasionally make themselves known and I would retreat to prayer (ie: begging and pleading with God) to help ease my worry.
I don't know if the begging and pleading worked or if the God that I know and love took pity on me but I always felt better afterwards.
And then the results of her testing were answers to our prayers so a big shout out to my God for favors granted! Thank You Jesus! Amen.

Listen... I pray for my grandkids to get well and they do. But I need to pray for the parents of the little children that sometimes don't recover and get well.
I pray for my daughter to have favorable test results (Please God! Not cancer!!) and we get the results we were praying for. But I also know of a young woman, 28 yrs old, who died from Ovarian cancer leaving behind 2 young sons and a devastated husband that maybe I should be praying for.

I pray for an end to this stubborn Winter and Spring makes herself known by sprouting buds on trees and bringing back the birds and flowers and the occasional warm sunny day. Followed by snow.
I'm pretty sure that I had nothing to do with that. It's God. Always God. His timing. His way.

How about you? Do you feel like God answers your prayers? Do you feel like God is even listening?

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  1. I have struggled with the idea that some prayers are answered and some are not for so long I can't even remember when I didn't. I finally came to the conclusion that, for me, I pray for the ability to be grateful despite the outcome. I also pray that for find peace and gratefulness no matter what.