Friday, July 8, 2016


I don't want your sympathy. I just want to vent.
The AC went out today. The compressor is seized up.
Also.... today it felt like 91 degrees and my house feels like an oven.
Two days ago the fridge stopped working.
The new one arrives on Monday.
I have a cooler in my kitchen that is pissing me off cuz I keep tripping over it.
A month ago the water heater burned up and was replaced.
Things come in threes, right?? I'm thinking we should be good now.

My husband had shoulder surgery a week ago.
My daughter had a hysterectomy yesterday.
My husband has physical therapy every day for two weeks.
I've had my grandkids for 3 straight days- 24 hrs a day.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of being the family nurse/caregiver.
I'm exhausted.
The dishes keep piling up as does the laundry.
When in the hell am I supposed to get to it???
How did I do this before?

Sitting in hospitals, waiting at Dr's offices, dropping off him at PT...
I'm stretched real thin right now.

Does that sound bad? Do I sound like a jerk because I'm being pulled in too may directions?
It's so hot in my house that it is making me cranky and short tempered.
The grandkids won't eat what I give them for breakfast or lunch. They're hot and cranky too.
They want Popsicles. Fine by me. I pretend that they are made of fruit instead of sugar and dye.

My daughters husband is an actual ass. I dislike him immensely.
He was dirty, drunk and disheveled at the hospital during her surgery.
He was combative and threatening to the staff. He accused them of mistreatment and lying.
I wanted to kill him myself. The ASS!!!

I'm thinking that Tuesday night meetings might still be a good idea for me.


I sent my husband out for a night with the guys tonight.
Go, I said. Go and enjoy yourself. I hope he has a good time.
I bathed the grandkids, put them to bed, did all the dishes, started the laundry and typed this post.
I could use a break myself. The kids go home tomorrow afternoon.
I bet I miss them once I drop them off.

This sounds like a rambling post, and maybe it is.
All I know is I'm tired and in need of a shower.
I need for someone to NOT need me for just a blessed minute.

I'll keep ya posted. Right now I'm heading to bed.
Things will be better tomorrow I hope.


  1. Well I am sending my sympathy whether you like it or not. Because sometimes it all gets to be just too much. And dealing with two surgeries without a proper fridge and no air conditioning is too much.
    I hope sleep refreshes you tonight. xo

    1. Just stopping by to see how you are feeling today. xo

  2. Hoping for better stuff to come your way love. All things mechanical to behave properly, healing for the hubs and daughter and a kick in the ass for the SIL.

  3. Oh Lolly...that is A LOT all at one time! Bless your heart. I'm glad you got it all out here with us. I hope today is a better day!