Friday, July 15, 2016


Real quick post.
Something is wrong with my laptop. It's broken.
I don't know if I need a knew one or maybe fix this one.
I'm trying to figure out how to put my blog on my IPhone.
Anybody know if that is even possible?
If I don't post for a while you'll know why...

My heart is broken.
My son got a job in Arizona. He'll be moving in three weeks.
It makes me extremely weepy to think about it.

My body is broken.
I'm sick with a sore throat, body aches and a headache. Blech.

Gratitude List-
1. I'm glad my son got a job.
2. I'm glad he found someone that he loves. (His girlfriend moved there in June)
3. Advil for my headache and sore throat.
4. My IPhone.
5. It's Friday night and we have no plans...Yay!
6. Hot Tea and Honey
7. Chicken Noodle Soup
8. Getting to sleep in tomorrow morning
9. Rain that benefited my garden today
10. The grandkids didn't fight at all today- no hitting or yelling or crying!

Wish me luck with this old laptop.
Thanks for reading,  Love Lolly

(ps- You could friend request me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram.
I've got both of those apps on my phone.
I believe y'all know my real name.
If not let me know in the comments and I'll figure out a way to get it to you.)


  1. I am sorry your son is moving. Life is hard when our chickadees move away. It breaks you a little. :-(

    I can't help you in the technology department. xo

  2. I'm not sure if Blogger is different than WordPress, but I don't have my blog on any of my devices. I just go to the url, and enter from there, on any device. On my home page there's a place toward the bottom that says "Log in" and I can access the dashboard that way. Maybe blogger is different and I'm just blah blah blahing.

    I'm sorry your son is moving. That is hard. My oldest daughter lived a long way away for years.

    It's going to be super hot and humid here this week -- I know there's at least one fellow hater/sufferer out there with me. :)


  3. Lolly, I do not know how I could have possibly missed this post. I'm so sorry about your boy moving. It makes my heartache just thinking about it. Well done at trying to count your blessings dear.

    I would love to friend you on Facebook but do not know your real name.

    Take care♥♥♥