Friday, September 23, 2016

Grandchild #4

We have a new grandaughter.
Her birth story is long and difficult and scary.
Along with the Preeclampsia our daughter had Placenta Accreta.
Look it up. Scary, scary shit.
An emergency c-section was done.
He blood pressure went sky high and for a while her kidneys were not working correctly.
She may still need a blood transfusion.
Her hemoglobin needs to do some serious recovery work in order to avoid it.
She did not get a hysterectomy but was told she can no longer have anymore children.
She's been in the hospital since Wednesday and won't be coming home til Sunday.
We are headed over to their house to spend a long weekend and to help care for their 2 year old grandson.
We are thankful and grateful and so very very blessed.
I'll post more when we get home.
Thanks for reading and if it's not too much to ask-
Could you all prayer for my daughter Madelyn and her daughter Delaney.
Love, Lolly


  1. Absolutely! Baby is healthy?

    Congrats Lolly💜

  2. Baby is a perfect little peanut 6#6oz 19"
    A full three weeks early. Eating and sleeping like a champ.

  3. Oh, Lolly! You must have been so scared. We never stop worrying about our kids, do we?

    I just sent up a prayer for all of you. xo

  4. Just stopping by to see how your daughter and new grandbaby are doing. xo