Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I find that I post more when there is bad news and/or when I need to vent.
So if I'm not writing here that must mean things are going well for me.
And right now I guess they are!
My daughter is recovering nicely.
My new granddaughter is thriving and gets cuter every day.
I spent all day Sunday and Sunday night with them. My son-in-law had to work his 24 hour shift.
Since it's still painful for my daughter to pick up her 2 year old boy it was my job to do all the lifting and hoisting of children. I loved every minute of my time there. Again I did laundry and made meals and told my daughter to nap. I played with my grandson, I sang, I read books, I said night time prayers with him. In the morning we had breakfast together and it was wonderful to see his sleepy little morning self with bed head. Truly I didn't want to leave.
But it was Monday morning and I knew my other two grandkids would be waiting for me
at 8:00am when I got home.
Also, I knew my house might be a little bit of a disaster when I got home after being gone for 24 hours. When I walked in the first thing I smelled was cat piss. What the??? Why do I smell cat piss??
A sink full of dishes, 3 loads of laundry and pissy floors...how does this happen in 24 hours??

Cooler weather is slowly coming our way. Thank You Jesus!
I've found the older I get the less I am able to tolerate any amount of humidity.
Him and I are making time for ourselves on most weekends by not being so available to babysit.
In the cool fall air it feels great to take a ride on our Harley to see the trees change color.
Our jobs keep us so busy and we've come to realize that we need our down time to recharge.
I used to feel guilty when I would say no to watching them or I wouldn't say no at all and then I'd be resentful. It's probably better to NOT be resentful when watching one's grandchildren.

Anyway...I'm feeling good, I'm feeling happy. I come alive in the colder weather.
I'm not so excited about sweater weather and boots. I'm more excited that I won't be sweating anymore. Well...maybe not AS sweaty anyway.

Sometimes I write a post and don't know how to close it up nicely.
Like this one.
My life is ordinary and regular and amazing and God is with me through it all.
HE answers my prayers and shows me HIS glory in everyday things like nature and sunsets and newborn grandkids.
I am always thankful and grateful to HIM for everything I do and have in this life.
I hope you too know the love of God and experience HIS grace and peace in your life.

Thanks for reading,
Love, Lolly


  1. You and Annette have such inspiring faith. I spent many years in an right-wing, ultra conservative church where everyone who was not us was going to hell and if I changed I would be too. I have curled up in a ball the last several years, afraid of God or not really believing he even existed. Your faith is so easy and simple and beautiful. You give me hope. Thank you for that.

  2. Just stoping by to say that I was thinking of you. Hope your daughter is recovering and you are enjoying your new granddaughter. xo