Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Love can make you, break you, tease you and please you. It can make your soul  crawl outta it's hiding place and make you believe in miracles. It can hurt you and desert you and make you cry a river over it.  Love can get sober but not recovered and love can work the 12 steps to find a better way to live. Love can make your heart feel like it's gonna burst with the wonder of it all and love can make you feel such heartache that you are sure you will not live to see the morning. Love can make you laugh and sing and love can ruin everything. It can make you happy and it can make you sad...it can make you grateful and it can make you mad. Love is the thing that can tear you apart and love is the thing that can mend your broken heart. Love says he's worth it and love says keep trying...even though part of you still feels like crying. Love is so worth it and some day he'll see that love really is all that it's cracked up to be. Happy Valentine's Day!

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