Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where have I been, you ask? I've been gone feeling very sorry for myself, that's where I've been. Been a bad week over here. Just down in the dumps, not working my program at all. Letting what others say and do affect me. Having a hard time letting go of the past and it's affect on what it did to me.  I really need to climb outta this pit of despair that I have dug for myself. Listening to worship music has been working miracles on me these past two days. Shoulda been listening to my HP instead of that dark place inside me that likes to tell me that I am not worth it. Because I am worth something. I AM!
The sun is shining today and it is almost 50 degrees. Normally it is about 23 degrees this time of year. Think I will put on my walking shoes and go for a walk; see what The Good Lord has for me to see outside. Lesson for today?? Learning to bless myself.

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