Tuesday, March 6, 2012

But, but.......

I have a problem with always being right...ahem...always thinking that I am right. But all is quiet over here after the incident with my daughter and her fiance. And I do mean quiet. But I haven't heard from either one of them about my FB message to Mike. But I have talked to Lynnie but she made no mention of the FB post. But perhaps she doesn't know that I sent it to him. But, hey...lesson learned....stay out of their business. But it felt good at the time to voice my opinion. But it doesn't feel so good a few days later when all I hear is silence. But it does feel more like I put in my two cents when it wasn't my place to do so. But she was so upset at the time and  I felt like I needed to fix their disagreement...and there it is......I felt like I needed to "fix" their disagreement. Note to self... But out!!! I still need to learn how to NOT fix other peoples problems. I could have empathized with her about her feelings and I should have let her figure out how to fix their disagreement on her own. But it made me sad to know that he made her cry and he made her feel bad about her issues with anxiety. But I was only trying to help her. But I worried about making the situation worse, but I posted that message to FB anyway. But did I learn anything from this? Yep, but I don't want to say cuz it might make me see the errors of my ways. But, tomorrow is another day to get it right....right??

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  1. LOL...I can so relate to this whole event and your response.