Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mid Winter

Each grandchild has been sick, for a week, separately.
The oldest grandson got it first.
Fever, cough, runny/stuffy nose.

The following week our grandaughter got it.

The week after that our 3rd grandchild got sick
and I don't even babysit for him!

Thank You Jesus that neither I nor my husband
has gotten sick.....yet.

It's been 2 solid weeks of snotty tissues and naps
and Tylenol for the fevers over here.
Watching lots of movies on the DVD player
and lots of cartoons on TV.

We got 19 inches of snow on Sunday.
And today it feels like   -14 degrees
but the Sun is shining so brightly!!

I've got nothing new to report.
Nothing fun to talk about, no secrets to tell.
Still living the same old boring life.
I'm ok with that though.

I woke up and I'm breathing.
I thank You Jesus, for that.

And Thank You for sick grandchildren who get well
and for Tylenol and Kleenex, juice boxes and cartoons.
For the house that keeps us warm with its working furnace
and the new dishwasher that took him 2 days to install.
For chicken bones to make homemade soup while it snows,
To the bright sunshine coming in thru the windows.
For morning coffee and Bible Study and friendly Bloggers
that comment here....

Thank You Jesus for all of it.


  1. I am glad you didn't get sick. Small children have a way of being very germy!

  2. Thieves essential oil will knock a cold out and prevent it from flourishing when used at the first sign of onset. This is my new hipie oil phase....but it really works!

  3. Stay healthy my friend and thank you for reminding me always to find something to be grateful for.