Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are my blog posts too short? Or do I just not have that much to say??  I tell myself that I do have a lot to say, but sometimes it is hard to express myself. The words are in my head, just can't figure out how to get them onto the page. I read other blogs and the writers are so eloquent with their words. It amazes me how smoothly they write down their thoughts. I wish I was as descriptive as they are. My hand written journal is some pretty good reading, I think, but is way too personal to put on this blog page. Maybe that is the difference I notice. I feel too afraid to let it all hang out so to speak on my blog page. I'll keep this in mind as I develop my blogging skills and I'll try to put more of myself into my blog.
 Another short post.....sheesh! Maybe I need a lesson in blogging. Wouldn't that be a blessing??

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