Monday, November 7, 2011

Break up

A married couple that I have known for 25 years has decided to call it quits. Or rather she has decided to call it quits. He is ruined by her decision. Angry, hurting, is very painful to watch, even from a distance, as their marriage goes up in flames. Many times my husband and I have been to that threshold, where I didn't think I could handle one more day of living with him, when even the fact that he was breathing was an irritant. I am grateful that we never took that leap. We have always been able to work it out somehow, someway. I suppose for those who decide they can no longer tolerate each other that the best thing to do would be to separate. I just wish that sides didn't have to be taken, and name calling and mud slinging weren't part of the process of breaking up. You realize that everyone involved is hurting, from friends to family. Wish there was a way for all of us to be more him and to her. Change is painful but sometimes it is necessary. Think I'll go say a prayer for everyone involved in this mess. A prayer to God for healing people and attitudes. And add a prayer for myself that HE has had a hand in keeping my marriage together. Thank you Lord for favors granted.

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