Saturday, November 19, 2011


H.A.L.T. is the method I used to quit smoking. Each letter stands for a word, only in my case, I made each letter stand for two words.
H= Honestly Hungry
A=Angry or Anxious
L= Lazy or Lonely
T= Tired or Thirsty
Anyone of these choices is what I used to stop my craving for a cigarette. Was I honestly hungry? Or was I just wanting to stuff my face cuz I couldn't smoke? I would ask myself one of these questions any time the urge to smoke came up. Was I lazy? Lonely? Anxious? I noticed that more often than not, I was just thirsty or tired. I have also noticed that when I am tired, my tolerance for anything irritating goes out the window. Not sleeping well these last two days has me on edge. My husband has Sleep Apnea and has not been using his C-PAP machine the way he is supposed to. Needless to say, that is the reason I haven't been sleeping. I spent the last two nights trying to sleep on the couch. I never knew our couch was sooo uncomfortable. It always feels so cozy when I lay on it in the afternoon. Wonder why it feels so different at night. Hmmm????
Because I am tired, I have been short tempered with him. I need to apologize for being cranky, but he also needs to use that damn machine, so I don't get crabby! I am too irritated and too tired to really care if there is a lesson or a blessing  that I am supposed to notice. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.

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  1. I saw that you are following my blog so I came over to see what your blog had to say. I'm glad you are here in our little blogger world. It can be quite therapeutic to get our thoughts down and out. Welcome...I look forward to reading more from you!