Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making amends

Well, it is done. and it went very well, if I do say so myself. He was receptive of my apology and he was gracious about accepting my amends. He stated that he understood that my original intention had been an honorable one. And I made it clear to him that if the situation ever happened again, I would indeed react the same way I had the first time. This was not just me spouting off at the mouth or butting in where I did not belong. This was a protective measure that I felt was necessary to protect my grandson. He is two years old  and cannot speak for himself in order to protect himself. If a qualifier in my life is unable to act like a grown up with grown up responsibilities, then it is my duty as a Grandmother to intercede. He does indeed understand where I am coming from now. And he is aware that I will always do what is necessary to protect that grand youngin' of mine. The air has been cleared, and we both agree with and understand each other. Thank God for Alanon. Gave me the tools on how to offer an amends and how to state my case with out screaming or crying or making a bad situation worse. Feeling very blessed today. All is safe in my world at this moment. Thank you God!

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