Monday, April 2, 2012


I went to Florida last week with my entire family. Well not the entire family, but there were 21 of us together on vacation. Six of us stayed in a private condo and 14 others stayed in a house a mile down the beach. On day two of said vacation, I waded into the shallow end of the pool to play with my 2 year old grandson; who, by the way, had no fear of the water. None whatsoever. Walked right into that pool as soon as the arm floaties were on. He did the same thing to the ocean...walked right in, crashing waves be damned! Anyhoo....when I waded into the pool, I completely forgot that my cell phone was in the pocket of my swim shorts. I remembered it 10 minutes later, when someone suggested we call about dinner reservations. Needless to say I no longer can use my I-Phone. We tried the baggie full of rice trick, but I think it had been submerged for too long. The nice thing about this is that I had backed that phone up on my laptop before we left on vacation, so all my info is still available to me once I get a replacement phone. The other nice thing was that I was not tied down to that cell phone for the week that I was in Florida. No texting, no phone calls, no Facebook, no apps, nothing!! And it felt wonderful to be free of that communication device. The only thing I truly missed was access to my worship music. That would have been awesome to listen to whilst strolling along the shoreline or watching the Gulf waves crash onto the shore from our balcony. But I believe that God had a different plan for me. He was saving me from hearing about something that I was unaware was happening and that something was the discord between the other family members living together at the other vacation house a mile down the beach.  I found out after the fact that the 4 family's that were sharing that house started to snipe at each other regarding cooking, cleaning up, general housekeeping duties, wet towels on the floor, etc. By the end of the week certain family members weren't even talking to each other anymore. I am sooo grateful that I wasn't a part of that mess. And I am grateful that my phone wasn't working because I believe those other family members would have wanted to share their discord with me via my cell phone down at our end of the beach. What ended up happening was that I was kept outta their messy "business" and that kept me from putting my two cents into a situation that was none of my business. I ended up saying thank you to God for a warm and wonderful vacation and I said thank you to Him making me wade into that pool to play with my grandson and I thanked Him for my wet and ruined I-Phone. I realized then as I do now that I had been given a laptop, no TV, no I-Phone = a great vacation!

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