Thursday, November 8, 2012

The ABC's of me

Found this on the internet so I did it just for fun. What about you? Wanna play?

The ABC’s of me:
Age:  50
Bed Size:  Queen
Chore I Hate:  Folding socks
Dogs:  Chihuahua’s. We have 2. Chico and Makena
Essential to start my day:  Coffee and Devotional readings
Favorite Color:  Chocolate Brown
Gold or Silver:  Gold
Height:  5’3”
Instrumental to have in my life: God's grace
Job Title:  Grandma
Kids:  2 daughters living, 1 daughter deceased, 1 son
Live:  Illinois
Month I was born:  September
Nicknames:  He calls me Babe
Overnight hospital stays:  6
Pet Peeves: Lying and public drunkeness
Quote from a movie:  Gustav! You horrible little snipe! From Ever After
Right or Left Handed:  Right
Siblings:  2 sisters living, 1 sister deceased, 1 brother
Time it takes me to get ready:  About an hour. Start to finish.
Ultimate Vacation:  Italy
Vegetable I hate:  Artichokes. And Tomatoes. I know that they're a fruit, but whatever.
What makes me run late: Having a bad hair day. And him. He always runs late.
X-rays I’ve had:  Dental and a chest x-ray once. Oh and mammograms.
Yummy food that I make: Roasted Pork and Apples and a warm Cherry Crisp to die for!
Zoo animal:  Polar bears. Especially baby ones.

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