Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A work in progress

I would like to tell you something that you already know about me. I am not a writer. I might be a blogger but I am not a writer. What I really want to say is that I am not a writer yet. I've mentioned this in the past, I think maybe in one of my earlier posts, about how other bloggers seem to have such writing eloquence. Others bloggers seem so much more at ease in their posts. Their words flow so smoothly; almost effortlessly off the page. Some of the bloggers that I read actually make me sit back and say, Wow! I wish that I could have written that or written like that. I've sat here in front of my laptop and actually cried while reading some of my favorite bloggers posts. Some bloggers I've really identified with but felt too uncertain of my writing skills to comment on their posts. I didn't want to sound stupid. Some stun me into silence with the beauty of their words and writing style. Some blogs have even made me see that my blog is a place to vent or that maybe it's my place to keep taking my husbands inventory and posting about it when really I should be more focused on my own inventory and recovery. Yesterday I reread all of my blog posts and I came to the conclusion that I really need to change my writing style and maybe even the feel of my blog. I appear to be missing that certain element that makes me feel good about what I am posting. I am supposed to be writing about the lessons that life is teaching me and the blessings that I feel God gives to me every day. Maybe I should keep the Alanon element out of these posts. Maybe I should just let the words flow out of me. Maybe that is what others bloggers do....let the posts write themselves. Already this post feels different  to me than the ones that I have posted before. It's still not what I want it to feel like, but it's a start. I am a work in progress. That is both my lesson AND my blessing for today.

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  1. My advice....even though I know we are not supposed to give advice, here I go anyway... don't over think it. Just let your thoughts flow out through your keyboard. It is what it is. Your blog is YOUR space. It can be whatever you want it to be, but there is no right or wrong, no musts in how to blog. I think honesty and being authentic and sharing our hearts create the most beautiful blogs around. :o) And you do that. I was just telling someone else that when I first began blogging back in 2007, I was so desperate and so filled with pain, that all I cared about was getting it all OUT. I didn't care about followers or comments. I just needed to process. There was a lot of freedom in those early years of blogging.