Thursday, July 12, 2012


My garden is just about done. As in done, like crispy, burnt and fried and curled up at the edges. I've been watering every morning but I still don't think it is enough. For some reason, all the hose water I've been spraying on isn't enough for my garden. The plants want rain. A large amount of earth quenching rain.  I almost feel like it is a losing battle. The more I water, the hotter it seems to get. The temps just keep rising. And my garden just keeps wilting. Some of the plants are still green, but it isn't a normal color green. You can tell that the plants are starving for something that only the rain can give them. The green color that I see isn't the right shade of green that they should be. Oh well...nothing I can do about it really. I will just have to wait and pray and see what happens if and when it does decide to rain. It's hard not being able to control the outcome of certain situations. It's hard not being able to control people and life and needing to move on too. All of a sudden it seems as if a lot of the bloggers that I read are closing up shop and leaving. Quite frankly it's making me a little freaky. Christina at Happiness went private and signed off, Through an Alanon Filter signed off, Mr. Sponsor Pants has completely disappeared, Heather @ Sober Boots made a comment about not knowing if what she is doing is the right thing anymore, that she is sick of listening to herself and today Syd made mention of the fact that he liked not blogging so much. Part of me is wondering why all of the "rats" are abandoning ship. What's going on??? Why now? Is it just a coincidence that everybody is leaving within the last month? Is it a summertime and the living is easy sort of thing? I want to yell at everybody HEY! WAIT! PLEASE DON'T GO!! I NEED YOU!! 
Do I dare tell them that I need them as much as my gardens need rain? That I will wilt and crumble without their blogs to sustain me? I am in a panic about it. I know it is my control freak thing rearing its ugly head. But it doesn't make it any easier on me for the moment. I suppose that I could find other blogs to sustain me but I fear that it will be just like the hose water on my parched gardens.....not what I really need. Thirst quenching in a way but not really full of the nutrients like 3 inches of life giving rain water. 
I will wait and pray on this matter too. For those blogs that are still "quenching my thirst" I thank you for remaining active. I do need you. Just like my garden needs the rain.

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