Sunday, July 1, 2012

I wanna go home

It's been a busy weekend for me so far with all the 4th of July festivities going on this weekend in my hometown.(and I wanna go home) It is hot as Hell outside and the humidity keeps on rising along with the temperature.(and I wanna go home) Today is our annual 4th of July parade and fireworks display and truthfully I could care less. (and I wanna go home) I've been at our Founders Day party down at the town square for the last two nights and I feel partied out.(and I wanna go home) It's too hot, and there are too many unwashed and sweaty bodies pressed up close to me on the crowded festival grounds. (and I wanna go home) One can barely get through the crowds. (and I wanna go home) They have it set up so that you have to walk through the Beer Garden in order to get into the festival and to access the Food Tents and Carnival rides which, needless to say becomes a bit more, shall we say challenging as the night progresses. (and I wanna go home) Think of it as a square; the music and concert venue is on one side of the park, the Carnival takes up one whole side, then the Port-a-potties take up another whole side and the Food tents are on the other and smack dab in the middle is the beer garden. (and I wanna go home) Ugh! (and I wanna go home) Seems to get worse every year....the smell of spilt beer, the loud, boisterous talking, the swaying and stumbling of those who have over-imbibed....I shudder to even think of it. (and I wanna go home) I've lost my tolerance for it. (and I wanna go home) Many a year was spent too close to that beer garden watching my qualifier quaff his ale. (and I wanna go home)  I remember the last time that he was in that beer garden as being one of his worst. (and I wanna go home) Anyway, now we bring the Grandson to this place and he is only two. (and I wanna go home)  He cannot go on the carnival rides, although he does like all of the flashing neon lights on them, and the poor lil guy is miserably hot and sweaty in his stroller. (and I wanna go home) It's also very difficult to maneuver his stroller through the grounds of this crowded festival. (and I wanna go home)
When did this stop being fun?? Was it ever fun? Was it fun when we brought our own children here 20 some odd years ago?? Paying too much just to get in, only to spend more money on food and games and rides and HEY!!! When did I become such a grouch ???? Why am I still complaining?? Where is my gratitude?  And I guess the real question is....Why do I wanna go home? Am I hot? Did I over eat? Am I tired? Is the music too loud? Is the baby over stimulated? Are there too many wasted people here for my own peace of mind? Is the sweaty smell of humanity making me nauseated? Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes and yes. Might have missed a yes or two but you get my drift. So maybe I won't go next year. Maybe I'll stay home and have a nice little 4th of July cook-out in my own backyard where it is nice and shady. No crowds, no smells, no wasted people falling down drunk in front of me.  Sounds heavenly. Happy 4th!

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  1. That sounds absolutely horrible....really I could feel my own stress level rising as I read. I would *hate* that. We don't go to our county fair for the same reasons....and I simply don't want to. Isn't it a huge relief when we realize if we don't want to....we don't have to. We have choices! Bless your peace loving heart. Thanks for checking in on me too. <3