Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When the moon is in the 7th house..........

I follow quite a few blogs. Most of the bloggers that I follow don't post something everyday. I wish that I could. I want to; I mean to but I have since realized that this is exceptionally hard to do. One point being that I am not a good enough writer. I have all of these thoughts inside my head that sound sooo amazing, but once typed out seem rather trivial and well....quite frankly, boring. It takes me a while to put my thoughts down in a way that sounds interesting to me (and to others, I hope). I suppose it's a validation sort of thing. Wanting to feel like I matter, wanting what I post to matter, to be able to reach out and to connect to someone else with my writing. Last week, two of the daily devotion books that I read and two of the blogs that I read had similar topics posted on the same day. I read Angie Smith's Bring the rain first. Her post titled The Table blew me away. By the end of it, I could feel myself wanting to cry. She writes so beautifully and her words about family and God can really penetrate my heart. The second blog I read that day was Islands of my soul. This is a relatively new blog as indicated by the authors posts,  blogging only since June and July 2012. On the same day that I read Angie's post about the family table, I read all of Shari's posts  over at Islands. Some of them were so similar to what I have been going through, or living with, that for the second time that day I was brought close to tears. It felt like my heart had cracked wide open.  I felt understood and loved and forgiven and so many more emotions. It was hard to name them all. It was as if God had somehow transpired to have all of my readings merge together to give me one, big, huge, WOW moment. Well that is indeed what happened. WOW! Was it just a coincidence? I think not. Not with that many authors and similar topics coming together all at the same time. I truly believe that God wanted to show me that he is always near me and watching out for me. That he hears me and knows me and knows what it is that I need to read or hear or learn for that day.  It's like that song by the 5th Dimension.....All of the planets and all of my daily readings had somehow lined up just to show me that I was loved and understood and to give me a feeling of peace. It made me feel grateful for everything that I have. For the gift of today, for being alive, for sunshine, for family, for food, for faith, for friends......my list can and should be endless. Feeling mighty blessed today. 

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  1. I just went and read read both blogs...Angie Smith had me bawling. lol

    Someone once told me that our blog is our space to write whatever we want. It is our spot. No right or wrong. Spelling errors, grammar errors and all. That really helped me to talk about what I wanted, to process my life there, without fear of it being boring or making an impact. People can read or not. Its their choice, but I write because it is therapeutic to me. Its something I do for me. Bless your heart Lolly for being here.