Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slogan it out

So, what do you do when the slogans don't work? Easy Does It What do you do when you have no control over the family situation in front of you, when nothing you do or say is going to change the outcome? How Important Is It? What happens when one chooses not to use a slogan as a guide?   Fake It 'Till You Make ItI'll tell you what one does, you pray....hard...really hard. First Things First And you find a way, any way to shut off the voices of doom in your head. One Day At A Time  I had to have my spouse take me out for a ride on our Harley on Saturday. Live And Let Live Staring at nothing but cornfields and black asphalt some how did the trick of quieting my mind, at least for the two hours that we were out. Listen And Learn Once we were back at home though, the haunting what-ifs, what-could-possiblies came right back. Is it worth my Serenity  I am not able to Let go and Let God in this family situation and it bothers me. Let Go And Let God I feel helpless and afraid and nearly out of my mind with concern. Think! I'm not really praying either, it's more like I'm begging.  Keep An Open Mind Please, please, please let everything turn out all right, please, don't let anything bad happen, please!  Just for today I just feel so helpless and afraid, and so out of control that even prayer doesn't seem to be helping me but that is probably cuz I'm not letting God do His thing. Let It Begin With Me I am trying to control the outcome of this situation just by wishing it to end my begging for it to turn out the way I need it to turn out, the way it HAS to turn out in order for me to be able to function and cope. But For The Grace Of God go I I am exhausted already, worn out and frazzled and nothing bad has even happened (dare I say yet???). Get busy and get better Maybe I had better go back and give those slogans one more try. Keep Coming Back Hmmmm....Let's see....which one will save me this time? Keep It Simple
Easy Does It ~ Keep It Simple ~ How Important Is It? ~ First Things First ~ Live And Let Live ~ One Day At A Time ~ Let Go And Let God ~ But For The Grace Of God go I ~ Think! ~  Listen And Learn ~ Keep An Open Mind ~ Let It Begin With Me ~ Keep Coming Back ~ Fake It 'Till You Make It!  ~ Is it worth my Serenity  ~ Get busy and get better ~ Just for today 
(Well, they don't all work exactly like I would like them too, but Hey! Close enough.)

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