Monday, July 9, 2012


 I love driving fast. Love the sound of a car as it does that hum thingy when it is in top condition, just as it starts to accelerate. Sorta like a low growl in the back of your throat. I love the way certain cars can corner like they are on rails; zipping around corners, low and smooth. I however, am not a car. I have this horrible ability to get aggravated real quick. Zero to 60 in about 8 seconds. I've got a growl too but it doesn't sound sexy like that car does. I can get outta control (Who, me??) and start zipping around corners but I usually come crashing around corners with my hair on fire with a murderous look on my face. I don't like this about myself and today I am having trouble controlling my acceleration rate. I haven't done too much housework or laundry in the last week because of the heat. We had a heat index of 115 and our AC was having trouble keeping up. So I thought it best to hold off on using the other appliances. Well today it is a nice balmy 82 with low humidity so I thought that I would play catch up with the housework. Zero to 60 in about 8 seconds. Did I really think that I could do a weeks worth of cleaning in only 1 day??  LOL. Yep. So here it is 9:30 in the morning and I am already aggravated by the amount of shit I have to do yet. I can feel myself ramping up to a good growl at my grown son for the amount of laundry that he has brought downstairs to me. I am aggravated at my spouse for leaving his crap all over the every single room!!! I feel myself fuming whilst I am elbow deep in a sink full of suds, cuz the dishwasher is already full and I am washing what didn't fit by hand. I want to call my sister and bitch and moan and feel all self-righteous about poor me and all the work these two have left me with. And in the middle of typing this post it hits me. Gratitude. I can hear a voice in my head that says..."Lolly? Are you really bitching cuz you have to wash dirty dishes and your families laundry? Think about what you are doing....THINK. Slow down and really think about what it is you are doing. Washing dishes means that 1. You ate a meal. 2. You had money to buy that food that made that meal. 3. Did you eat alone? 4. Did you eat inside? 5. At a table?" OK, OK, I got it. I get it. Other people would be happy to have what I have. Other people would have loved to have eaten a meal with their entire family beside them. Other people would be glad to wash their sons clothes and pick up after their spouse. So, I went from being aggravated about housework and full of self-pity to gratitude and being thankful for everything I have in about 15 minutes. Wish I had learned that lesson about my blessings in 8 seconds. Ok...back to work I go, This time I will try to keep my "speed" under control.  I will say a prayer of thanks for all I have while I am elbow deep in the soap suds...a husband, a son, 2 daughters, a son-in-law and a son-in-law to be, a grandson and another grandchild on the way, my two dogs, my two cats, my house, car, job, friends, fellow bloggers, health, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, indoor plumbing....Whew! My Gratitude list is all of a sudden endless. As it should be. 

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