Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 days of prayer 11

Day 11

Yesterday I posted about how much harder it is to find meaningful prayers to put on my blog than I thought it was going to be. No sooner had I hit the publish button on that post when my grown son came downstairs and said he wasn't feeling well, again. This past Monday he had felt short of breath and had a heavy sensation in his chest. Allergy season has really been playing havoc with his asthma so he used his inhaler for the shortness of breath with no relief. At work he had been doing a lot of strenuous lifting lately so we thought maybe it was muscle soreness causing the chest pain...maybe a muscle strain...causing him to feel chest tightness....causing him to feel short of breath....we were simply trying to reason out a cause for his discomfort. After taking 4 Advil, he went back to bed. Later that same afternoon he reported that although he had some muscle weakness in his arms, he was feeling much better. Fast forward to Wednesday morning and WHAM! All of a sudden he starts feeling he is vomiting and feeling weak in his hands and knees. So off to the ER we go. And all of a sudden I realize that prayer is no longer difficult to find. He is 23 years old, a grown man, and suddenly I am worried and he feels like my baby boy all over again.
We are awaiting test results as I type this.

Lord, you love our child as You love all children,
Bring healing to our child who is not well.
Stay by his side and comfort him through this trying time.
Keep us ever mindful of Your loving presence
Bless us with Your powerful healing and comfort us also.
Thank You for hearing our prayer!

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