Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Prayer 1&2

Day 1 and 2
I'm joining up with over 1000 bloggers for the 31 Days series. Basically it's blogging everyday for 31 days.  All you have to do is pick a subject near and dear to your heart and blog about it. There were sooo many bloggers linked up to The Nester http://www.thenester.com/2012/09/31-dayers-2012.html.
I truly feel like I am out of my element with this link up. I am so NOT computer savvy! I'll give it a try anyway...see how it goes. I'm guessing that the hardest part for me is gonna be the discipline necessary to blog every day for 31 days. Ok, with that being said here I go.
I have a file on my computer that I call my Prayer File. In it I keep prayers that I've found on the internet, or in books that I've read and also from other blogger's sites. There are so many prayers in that file that really resonate within me personally, prayers that I feel speak to my very soul. So what I am going to do is choose 1 prayer a day, post it here and then blog about what it means to me, how it spoke to me or how it affects me and my life. I am not the author of any of theses prayers. All credit will be given as to who the author of the prayer was/is to the best of my ability.
Since today is day 2 of the 31 Days series, I will be posting 2 prayers today.
Here's the first one-
Every day is day One and new beginnings can happen anywhere down the road. Ann Voskamp

Love, love, love Ann Voskamp! Her book One Thousand Gifts changed my life. It's about finding gratitude in the messy and ordinary life and learning to be thankful for everything. She is the reason that I started  my gratitude journal. She is was also the person who taught me how to find God's gifts that were everywhere...most of them hidden in plain sight.

Here's the 2nd prayer-
Take me where you want me to go
Let me meet whom you want me to meet
Tell me what you want me to say
And keep me out of your way.
May love and strength be in my hands
May love and courage be in my heart
May love and wisdom be in my mind
May love be with me and work through me
Today and in all my days.
May God bless and protect me
May God smile on me and smile through me
May God befriend me and let me be a better friend
May God make me  peaceful and a maker of peace. 

I don't know who wrote this one.  But I like it. Especially the first four lines after the salutation. I really do want to know where He needs me to go and who He needs me to meet and what He wants me to do. I am hoping that I find the answer in these 31 Days of Prayer.

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