Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 days of prayer 18

Day 18
When our desire to be understood begins to cause divisiveness…we simply must let it go. It’s good to clear up confusion, but to belabor a point is…well, pointless…and hurtful. God knows our hearts and motivations and sometimes we just have to smile and move on. It’s a practice in extending grace, don’t you think? Patrica @PollywogCreek

Every ungracious moment means someone doesn’t understand grace.  Ann Voskamp

A Prayer for Grace-
O my God and my all, 
in Thy goodness and mercy, 
grant that before I die 
I may regain all the graces 
which I have lost through my carelessness and folly. 

Permit me to attain the degree of merit and perfection 
to which Thou didst desire to lead me, 
and which I failed by my unfaithfulness to reach. 

Mercifully grant also that others regain the graces 
which they have lost through my fault. 
This I humbly beg through the merits 
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

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