Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 days of prayer 4

Day 4
Lord, Today I'm especially thankful for...
the one reading these words,
the feel of autumn in the wind,
the hand of my husband in mine,
the laughter of friends,
the grace that keeps me going,
the whispered prayers you've heard,
the feeling of waking up from a nap,
the smell of coffee,
the goodness of home here...
and the hope of Home forever with you there. 
This prayer is by Holley Gerth. She is an amazing author that I found through Incourage. Her words always inspire me. She makes me feel like I can do anything with my life. Plus I love her writing style. I can visualize what she writes about so clearly. The smell of that autumn wind, the warmth of my husband's hand, the sound of my friends  laughter, feeling God's grace wash over me as I ask for forgiveness thru those whispered prayers, the groggy and refreshed feeling after a nap, and (oh my!) The SMELL of that coffee!!, feeling secure and warm and safe in my home and finally, yes, Yes! The hope of a Home forever with Jesus in Heaven. I say a big, huge Amen to all of that!

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