Friday, October 5, 2012

31 days of prayer 5

Day 5

May all I say                                        
And all I do
Be in harmony with thee                                  
God within me                                                 
God beyond me
Maker of the trees~    Iroquois Prayer

Love this one simply because it is Autumn in our Midwest town and the leaves on the trees are spectacular. Gold, red, orange, crimson, yellow, brown......I sit mesmerized on my couch, looking out my living room window as the leaves blow and drift, float and cascade down to the ground. Sometimes when the wind really picks up, it will gather up all of the fallen ones and swirl them all together and it becomes a little tornado  of Fall colored beauty. Then the wind releases them all into a stunning rain of color. It's like natures TV channel. When the sun rises it shines on the tree in my front yard and lights up that tree like it is made of gold. Beautiful!!!  I've tried to capture it on film and with my digital camera but the picture always comes out dull, flat and boring looking. But to actually see it in person?! My God! What a gift it is for the eyes!!

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