Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 days of prayer 28

Day 28

For all of those in the path of Hurricane Sandy:

Before the Storm
God of heaven and earth,
Source of All,
The storm approaches,
A tribute to the force of creation,
Your power and might.
What chaos will blow with the wind?
What destruction will strike?
Who will suffer? Who will stay secure?
God of mystery and awe,
Grant us safety as the tempest engulfs our homes and our lives.
Protect us. Shield us. Guard us.
Grant peace of mind to those in fear.
Grant food and clothing,
Warmth and shelter to those in need.
Bless emergency and rescue workers with the tools and skills they need
As they risk their lives for the sake of our families, communities and friends.
Grant healing to those who are sick or injured.
Bless us with common sense throughout the squall [the wind, the rain and the tides]
And with kinship and cooperation when the storm [hurricane] passes.
God of awe and wonder,
Our Rock and our Refuge,
See us through the gale
And watch us through the night,
For comfort, security and well being,
So that we may serve You in love.
© 2012 Alden Solovy 

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