Saturday, February 18, 2017

30 facts about me

Feb. 18th

Post 30 Facts about yourself

  1. My eyes are green
  2. I hate tomatoes but I do eat ketchup and tomato soup
  3. I wear a size 5 and 1/2 shoe
  4. I drink way too much coffee
  5. I have 4 grandchildren
  6. I. AM. ALWAYS. WARM!!! and I am sick of it too
  7. My favorite baby animal is a Polar Bear
  8. Creamy peanut butter never the crunchy one
  9. I love burnt toast. I burn it on purpose
  10. I love to dance. Wine helps me in this endeavor
  11. My kitchen sink is always clean and spotless before I go to bed
  12. My favorite color is Chocolate brown
  13. I love to eat cake (which could be one of the reasons why I don't weigh 105 anymore)
  14. I have never been in a fist fight
  15. No tattoos but if I did, I'd get 1 for my sister & 1 for my daughter 
  16. Small talk is my undoing
  17. I could grocery shop every single day even though my cupboards are full
  18. You cannot spin me around or I am dizzy for the rest of the day. No joking
  19. I have never tried snow skiing 
  20. I am not dressed unless my shoes are on and tied
  21. I prefer the beach over the mountains
  22. My favorite dinner is beer and Pizza
  23. My favorite number is 23
  24. I read books like it's my job
  25. I have always always always hated The Beatles
  26. No spicy foods-ever. It burns my tongue and then I'm miserable
  27. Favorite day of the week? It's a toss up between Monday and Friday
  28. I am allergic to egg yolks and penicillin
  29. Jesus answers most of my prayers
  30. I had to Google ideas for this prompt because I got stuck at 15 and couldn't think of more

Thanks for reading,
Love, Lolly


  1. Love, Love it!

    Girl, you have TINY feet!

    Nice to get to know you ;)

  2. 5 1/2? How do you keep from toppling over?
    What's stopping you from getting a tattoo?
    I have gone skiing and I hate it with a deep, dark and cold hatred.

    1. Hahahahahaaa. I think we get the picture on that one. No skiing for birdie ever again, never!

  3. I enjoy your blog like few others. This list made me laugh. We have some things in common (1, 8, 14, 24), and some preferences not alike at all (3, 6, 10, 17, 21, 25). Hugs to you today, dear Lolly. xoxo