Friday, February 10, 2017

Was that strong enough

Feb. 10th

Write about something for which you feel strongly

I feel strongly that DJT is an idiot, a patsy, a puppet, a narcissist, a danger, a clown, a fool.
He promised to drain the swamp and give Washington D.C. -ie: the government, back to the people and yet he has filled his cabinet with nothing but rich, white (Ben Carson being the exception), privileged, older men and women, and his immediate family as his trusted advisors.
He signs his executive orders with a flourish, like a 3 year old who has just learned to write his name.
I feel strongly that he is out of touch with the majority of the American people.
His inability to use the English language drives me crazy...bigly.
I detest everything he stands for- division, fear mongering, his me first and screw them attitude.
I find it suspect that his wife and son don't live with him in the White House.
I truly don't understand why people support him.
It makes me wonder if someone has been giving me crazy pills or perhaps there has been a poisonous gas leak somewhere and we have all been exposed to its brain melting substance. What the hell is going on??
I dare not voice my opinion on Facebook or Instagram for fear of a personal  backlash against me by people who are my family and close friends.
And about those family members and friends...Isn't it amazing what this election has done to people who supposedly love and care about one another?
My oldest friend who I have known since junior high school (1975) is a raging, spittle flying, pro DJT supporter. Her Facebook posts are barely civil to those of us who are opposed him.
(I've not engaged with her on FB because she is soooo angry... telling the Clinton supporters to "Get over it! You lost, STOP WHINING!   'Merica loves DJT!!")
Or one of my best girlfriends I used to work with 8 years ago, who I loved as a sister- she was funny and loving and cared about everything and everybody- was thrilled that DJT won because now this nation will see some positive changes. Positive changes? Did DJT promise that? I never heard him say anything that was positive. I never heard him actually say ANYTHING but gobbley gook.
He speaks in a dialect I call double speak. He talks but there is no substance. He doesn't answer the questions correctly and the really hard questions are deflected. He usually ends up talking about how smart and great and loved he is.
His veiled threats against other countries regarding oil and walls and Muslim bans truly scare the crap outta me. So do his Twitter rants which make him seem quite unstable.
A lot of his followers use the term Snowflake as a derogatory slur. My God!
Do they even know what that term refers to?? I am horrified at the insensitivity of people!
It's maddening to me. It makes me wonder why they can't see what I see or hear what I hear.
I've been forcing myself to shut off social media, to not engage in anything political, to not even read anything political for my own peace of mind. My empathetic heart can only take so much negativity.
This post is the only place online where I have voiced my opinion.
And for the record, dear readers, this post wasn't hard for me to write at all.

Thanks for reading,
Love, Lolly


  1. Lolly girl, I am trying so hard to keep perspective on this issue. Instead of focusing on a president who I do not believe in and of whom I suspect all of what you mentioned above, I am attempting to keep the faith in a system that was set up hundreds of years ago and has managed to remain steadfast through thick and thin. We have checks and balances and I personally believe he will not be able to survive them. To used to playing by his own rules...I'm hoping he does himself in (and quickly)! As for the angry supporters, let us not be just like them but on the other side. Love and kindness rules the day. MLK knew that and he had a pretty good reason to be angry. ♥♥

  2. I am trying to stay away from the news but it is inescapable. Today some clients had the news on. They are immigrants from Italy. They do not speak kindly of him. The My curse him in English and Italian! It made me smile.
    You are not alone. 1/2 your country may love him but 80% if Canadians think he is a horrible man.

  3. If you're interested, this is a great read.
    And with that I'll end my DJT rant. Amen